Please take into consideration that everything you read on here may not be true! Please refrain from sending abuse, as it will all be deleted with the best intentions.

Please go and follow our new blog as I will be deleting this one in Two days!

It’s all the same admins!

Go and follow us and spread the word!

Much love,

Please go and follow our new blog,

I don’t know if Z wants to join or not, so let me know!


Hella yeah! Don’t leave me E!-Z

E please don't leave :( maybe you guys should stick to this thing where you talk about tony and erin only if someone brings it up or when something relevant happens? Don't go, I'll propably die without your sass :( I hope u're doing better soon,hon♥


I feel really bad about E having to make a new blog because of those stupid fucking anons. Will the other admins from this blog be on the new one?

yeah, its all set up! go and check it out!

Are you going to delete this blog or leave it up so we can see past posts?

Leave it up for a few weeks before I delete it. -E

Is Vic dating Welly? It looks like it but idk for sure, you got any deats?

ask us again on

What's gonna be posted on the new blog then and how is it different to this one?. Not hating btw i will follow it.

Stricter rules and we’ll be selective with what we post. -E